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Why choose for a yacht rental?

The platform is easy to use, quick and secure. platform has a large variety of sailing monohull yachts, catamarans multihull, cruiser motor yachts from all category’s luxury yachts – super yachts – mega yachts – giga yachts and Gulet to choose from. Once you begin your search you can use a multitude of helpful refine filters to narrow down your rental yacht choices to the ones that best match with your preferences criteria and budget. Flexible booking options, instant bookings or upon request and availability information give you full control to find a perfect time for your sailing holidays experience. You always know what you are sailing on. Explore our extended selection of yacht rentals, pick your favorite and book it in minutes!

How do I sign up and create an account on

You may Sign up and create an account easy and FREE! Select Sign up and choose one of the 3 different alternatives Facebook or Google or by using email and password. After all is confirmed manage your account to be ready for your bookings.

Why is important to have an account on

From your account you may confirm and handle your booking fast and easy! Have access to advance searching filters, check yachts from broker / operator with repeat customer discount and benefit for you, save your search results and add your favorite yachts in your favorite list, manage your billing details, follow your billings and payments, manage your active bookings – add your passengers list and details – take your e-Boarding Pass, see your history bookings, evaluate your booking after finishing your charter and more.

How to book a yacht on

Easily, fast, freely and secure! No booking fees, No commission! Select your preferable destination and dates and click on search. On the next screen with results, you may use Refine Search Result with more criteria of your choice. Once you’ve defined your yacht click on Details of the yacht and find out all necessary information and terms-condition, payment and cancellation policy for the specific yacht included full technical data, equipment list, crew members profile (if its crewed yacht), sample menu (if they offer), all extras and optional list with prices which you may like or need for your charter. If the yacht is available for instant booking, click Book now and start the process for instantly confirmation. If the yacht is with tag Book Upon Request, then click and start the process for confirmation first by broker / operator.

What is Instant Booking?

Instant Booking allow you to book immediately without needing to send a request to the broker / operator of the yacht for approval, provided you’ve completed your account setup. Yachts that accept Instant Bookings are displayed with special tag. You will then have access to the broker / operator’s details via your account. There’s no additional fee, and it’s especially convenient for last-minute bookings

What is Book Upon Request?

Some broker / operators don’t accept Instant Booking process for their yachts. Those yachts appear with tag Book Upon Request.  In case you choose such yacht, an email will be sent to broker / operator and his response will be send to you as soon as the request has been confirmed and accepted. Then you can make the process and complete the booking for the yacht you have chosen. You will then have access to the broker / operator’s details via your account. In case the broker / operator does not accept and reject your request then you will have to choose another available yacht. The broker / operator has maximum 24 hours to response either to accept or to reject. In case the broker / operator will not response then automatically your request will be cancelled, and notification email send to your inbox.

What is service fee for?

The service fee helps us run our platform and provide innovative services. service fee payable by credit / debit card (Visa, Master, American Express, Troy) at the time of booking to secure your order and is non-refundable. Charterers are presented with the total amount of the yacht details on the checkout page before they finalize the booking. No other fee or commission will apply to your booking.

What is the rate of the service fee?

The service fee can be anywhere between 0% and 8% after all discounts and only on the yacht charter hire price. A general rule of thumb is that the higher the booking price, the lower the service fee.

Are there any other fees what should pay to third parties?

No, there are no third parties commission, and none will ask you to pay additional fees except the hire price of the yacht and other extras – optional services as indicated on the price list of the yacht and you may choose upon your booking or later from the broker / operator of the yacht.

What currencies does accept?

The service fee will be charged in EUR. For the yacht charter rental price in the currency that the broker / operator has set in his price list.

How do I pay for my booking order?

Payment method available is only by bank transfer to the bank account of the broker / operator. All the details can be found from the My account – reservation card – payment tab. Important note: All bank fees and interbanking fees and other surcharges will be borne by the charterer.

Is my booking secure after my order confirmed in

Once your booking is set and your payments have been done on time and confirmed all are in good order.

How do I request an invoice?

Due the time of your order on My Billing Details please select INVOICE “Yes” and insert your company name, tax office and VAT number.

How do I confirm that I paid for my booking?

You’ll find payment confirmation in your My account – payment tab.

I paid for my booking but haven’t received any confirmation email or still my payment is status pending. What should I do?

Sometimes it’s taken time until the payment is appeared to broker / operator’s bank account. Please contact with broker / operator and ask to send you a confirmation email as soon as the payment is into his account.

My booking still isn't confirmed. What should I do?

You’ll get an email to let you know if your booking is confirmed within several minutes. Check your inbox and spam/junk mail folders for this email. If you still can’t find the email, reach out to our Customer Service team.

I was charged. Do I need to do anything else?

No, there is nothing else to do. Broker / operator would keep you update if anything needed.

Where can I find my booking's payment policy?

Please read broker / operator’s payment policy before you book the yacht which you have selected. Also, from your booking card you may find this information.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, please contact your broker / operator. There is no refund for service fee.

Where can I find the cancellation policy?

Please read broker / operator’s cancellation policy before you book the yacht what you selected. Also, from your booking card you may find this information.

Can I make changes of my booking?

Please contact your broker / operator for negotiations of your wishes and changes.

How can I contact the broker / operator after my booking order?

From My account you may contact broker / operator or of the yacht what you have booked directly as you will get all the information you needed.

May I add passengers list make e-check in for My Booking?

Yes, of course. From My Active Booking Card, you may add passenger list and full details. Due to regulations of personal data, we don’t ask to upload any passport or id document.

Can I get e-Boarding Pass voucher for My Booking?

Login to your account and From My Active Booking Card e-services you may get your e-Boarding Pass and QR code to share with your relatives which will join you for this sailing trip.

I want to book a charter and I want to know the conditions and if there are any restrictions. Is it possible?

Yes of course. On yacht details on search for a yacht and after on your booking card you may find all information you may needed to know.

I want to book a bareboat charter and I want to know how many licenses are asking in advance. Is it possible?

Yes of course. On yacht details on search for a yacht and after on your booking card you may find this information.

I want to book a crewed charter and I want to know the profile of the crew. Is it possible?

Yes of course. On yacht details on search for a yacht and after on your booking card you may find this information. Please only keep in mind that broker / operator of the yacht can change the crew at anytime without prior notice. For all changes of the yacht’s crew, you may keep updated from your booking card – crew profile.

What documents should provide for check in at base / port upon arrival?

As the procedures are different by country to country or base to base even from broker / operator to broker / operator, we recommended to ask the broker / operator who operate the yacht before your arrival. They will advise you what docs they will need from you and all the group so that there is no last-minute surprise.

May I use e-check list for the equipment list of the yacht?

Yes, of course. Another innovation of services. Upon you are onboard you may do e-check list of the equipment of the yacht and approve from your device. Login to your account and from My Active Booking Card select Equipment tab. Once everything is ok just select Approve List and all is done.

On arrival at base, the yacht I was given didn't match what I booked. What should I do?

Please read the terms and conditions of yacht charter hire before you book. We suggest you print in hard copy or to save in your hard disk or device after booking confirmation. After booking is confirmed, nobody can change any conditions from your booking card.

Are meals included in my booking?

From yacht details and booking procedure you will find this information. If not included for some yachts, you may order as an extra service from the Extras – Optional list of the yacht.

How to order and get food delivered to my yacht?

If your charter does not include food and drink, then order a few days in advance of your arrival (recommended 21 days before – for last minute same time after booking) and they’ll have your food and drink ready and prepped onboard. You may ask for list of food supplies from broker / operator.

How do I request extra services from the broker / operator of the yacht?

To request extra services what are not in the list of Extras – Optional of the yacht (e.g. transfers) please contact the broker / operator directly.

What time is the embarkation or disembarkation on the yacht?

On yacht details or from your booking card or on boarding pass you will find all related information. If not, please ask the broker / operator.

What is Return Time at Base?

Especially for multi days bareboat charters guests and yacht have to return to their disembarkation base marina / port the previous day before check out. Guests can then spend last night onboard safely docked in the marina / port. The broker / operator / base manager will arrange for all things before final check-out. For crewed charters there is not any restriction, and everything can be arranged and negotiates with Captain.

How do I request early or late check-in/-out?

To request a different check-in/-out time, contact the broker / operator directly 1 or 2 days before arrival. There’s no guarantee, but they might be able to help. Some broker / operators offer with extra charge such services.

How do I get more info about a yacht’s facilities?

Click the yacht name on the confirmation page to visit the yacht page. You’ll see a complete list of yacht facilities and services there.

How do I get info about embarkation base / port contact details?

From your booking card and on boarding pass there are all necessary info and details. We recommended to confirm also with broker / operator before your arrival at base / port.

May I share the information of e-Boarding Pass with other members of my group?

Yes of course. Another innovation of services. Share your QR e-Boarding Pass with other members of your group and meet them onboard.

What is Refundable Security Deposit?

Refundable Security Deposit is the sum payable before embarkation (with credit card or cash) by the Customer to cover any breakages, damages or minor repairs to the yacht which may be incurred during the time of use. Mostly related to bareboat charter without skipper or with extra skipper upon request but never with permanently crew.

What is Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)?

Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is an advance payment required to be made to fund estimated boarding costs of the charter price used to cover the costs of yacht preparation, requested supplies, port, mooring and other legal charges and fees, diesel and fuel, communications, crew gratuities, extras and depends on guest particular request for services, itinerary, food, beverages etc… In case APA is not entirely used at the end of the cruise / sail, the remaining part is returned to the person chartering the yacht. In case the spending exceeds the APA, guests can be asked to pay the additional part. APA is payable in advance of your yacht charter, and normally at the same time as paying your initial charter fee except if the broker / operator can ask latest before embarkation in cash or credit card. Mostly related to crewed charter with permanently crew.

May I evaluate my booking?

YOUR OPINION COUNTS. We respect your holidays Your experience is an asset in our effort for enhancing the level of services! After your booking has been ended from My Account select My Booking History and then find the booking which you want to apply your evaluation. If it is completed your report will appear to broker / operator’s booking card. An email with notification for evaluates – not obligatory – your booking will send automatically from 10 days after ending of your charter.

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