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Trinidad & Tobago

Sailing Holidays in Trinidad & Tobago

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are great for holidays and anyone looking to have fun at sea. Vacationers can get a real feel for the islands by renting a boat to sail along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the Caribbean. They offer plenty of activities from annual sailing regattas, diving excursions in the vibrant coral reefs, turtle spotting on Matura beach, bird watching, hiking in the lush tropical forests, art galleries, museums and great choices for dining out. If you are planning a sailing vacation in Trinidad and Tobago, try to plan it for the start of the year to catch a glimpse of the colorful Carnival that is celebrated annually by the locals. It is one of the most exciting and popular events, during which vacationers may spend weeks exploring the waters off the shores of Trinidad and Tobago.

In contrast with Tobago, there are many places to dine in Trinidad, especially in and around Port of Spain, where you’ll also find arcade shopping malls stocking luxury goods as well as local crafts. And there are natural riches too: the active can hike, cycle and kayak to their hearts content in the lush interior; there is good deep sea and inshore fishing, and six golf courses.

The Port of Spain in Trinidad is the main place to source most yachting related activities. Moreover, it is an excellent starting point for boaters embarking on a bareboat or skippered yacht charter. The harbor of Trinidad is well-equipped and facilitated with all amenities.

Tobago is also a fantastic place to hire a yacht in the Caribbean. This destination offers a unique sailing experience with stunning vistas of the coast of South America on one side and the highest peak of Trinidad, El Cerro del Aripo, on the other. The island remains relatively undeveloped, and the local residents are wonderfully hospitable and welcoming. Come here to enjoy the pristine beaches, crystal waters away from the bustling crowds. Anchor overnight at the capital, Scarborough and enjoy a day touring the historical museums, old fort building and bustling street markets.